AN Jeong Ho | 안정호

Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering

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Research Areas

Polymer Physics

Research Interests

In any application of polymeric materials, the understanding of underlying physics and physical chemistry of polymer in melt, solution, and solid state is essential. Most of characteristics of polymeric materials stem from its molecular weight. The main activity of the group is fundamental and applied research in polymeric materials, with wide range of applications in the areas of functional polymer composite, rheological modification of polymer melt and polymer based sensor. Especially, the oligomer, which is in-between polymer and monomeric material, is of major interest in recent years.

Polymers are often exposed to harsh environment during various processing and forming steps. In order to reduce or eliminate polymer degradation during polymer process step, various types of stabilizer have been used. Another way to solve this problem is to enhance melt flow index. Using oligomeric materials, it is possible to increase melt flow index without negative impacts on the properties of final products.

Poly (lactic acid), PLA, is one of the most promising biodegradable materials. But it has very slow crystallization rate, which is the main obstacle to wider use of PLA. In order to enhance the crystallization rate and crystallinity, it is required to add nucleating agent and plasticizer. Oligomeric materials is an excellent alternative for conventional plasticizers which often cause a detrimental effect on glass transition temperature of PLA.

Selected Publications

Synthesis of silica coated zinc oxide–poly(ethylene-co-acrylic acid) matrix and its UV shielding evaluation, Material Research Bulletin, 85-91, 51 (2014)

Preparation of sub-micron colored particles by controlled emulsion polymerization, J. Ind. Eng. Chem., 1184-1190, 19 (2014)

Fabrication of Polystyrene/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composite Films Synthesized by In Situ Microemulsion Polymerization, Polymer Engineering and Science, 1327-1336, 53 (2013)

Professional Experience

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