BAE Jin-Young | 배진영

Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering

제2공학관25동 5층 25527호실

Research Areas

Polymer Chemistry

Research Interests

Black matrix (BM) film is a functional composite film, different from an engineering or high performance composite film that is commonly used to increase the contrast ratio of flat panel displays due to visible light shielding. TFT-LCD is the most popular display among the various types of flat panel displays. A TFT-LCD is made of a TFT-array panel substrate and a color filter, which is critical for full color viewing. A color filter consists of a clear substrate, black matrix, color filter layer (RGB colors), overcoat layer and ITO film. The clear substrate is generally made of thin glass or plastic and is deposited by the black matrix material. The black matrix is used to improve the contrast ratio of TFT-LCD due to the light-shading function to drive the electrodes in the thin film transistors and to prevent inappropriate mixing of colorants in the color filters processes. The BM film must have good insulating and high optical density properties for TFT LCD application. There are many efforts to improve the optical and physical properties of CB black matrix films such as mixed metal oxide, surface treated CB and doping of carbon nanotubes. In our laboratory, we introduce novel organic black matrices containing various pigment, surfactant and binder, providing unique optical and tunable dielectric properties.

Selected Publications

1. L. Sinh, N. Trung, B. Son, S. Sinh, D.T. Thanh, J. Y. Bae, Polymer Engineering and Science 10 (2014) 695-703.
2. N. N. Trung, Q. P. Luu, B. T. Son, L. H. Sinh, J. Y. Bae, J. Of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 13(2013) 434-442.
3. T.S. Bui, J. Kim, E. Jung, H. S. Sinh, N. Trung, J. Y. Bae, Display 34(2013) 192-199.
4. L.H. Sinh, J. Hong, B. T. Son, N. N. Trung, J. Y. Bae, Polymer Composites 5(2012) 2140-2146.
5. N. N. Trung, Q.P. Luu, B. T. Son, L. H. Sinh, J. Y. Bae, Polymer Composites 7(2012) 1785-1791.

Professional Experience

∙SK케미컬, 연구원(1986-1988)
∙University of Michigan, Post-Doc. (1995-1997)
∙한국과학기술연구원(KIST) 선임연구원 (1997-1997)
∙조교수(성균관대, 1997-2000)
∙부교수(성균관대, 2001-2007)
∙정교수(성균관대, 2007- 현재)