CHAE Heeyeop | 채희엽

Professor of Chemical Engineering

제2공학관25동 3층 25323A호실

Research Areas

Nanoscale Processing

Research Interests

Plasma processing is an essential technology for the fabrication of nano-and micro-scale integrated circuits (IC) and display panels. We study plasma processing and monitoring technology for semiconductor and display devices.

Our research topic includes
·Plasma monitoring technology and algorithm development
·Plasma etching
·Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)
·Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD)

Applications includes
·Nanoscale semiconductor devices
·Flexible organic light emitting diodes (OLED)
·Quantum dot light emitting diodes (QLED)

Quantum dots are nanoscale crystals that emit or convert lights. Recently quantum dots are commercialized in display devices in forms of color conversion films. Quantum dot light emitting diodes (QLED) are also expected to be commercialized in near future. We are developing quantum dots for both efficient quantum dot films and efficient QLEDs.

Selected Publications

1. “A flexible supercapacitor based on vertically oriented ‘Graphene Forest’ electrodes”, Journal of Materials chemistry A, 3, 21875-21881, 2015

2. “Copper-Assisted Direct Growth of Vertical Graphene Nanosheets on Glass Substrates by Low Temperature Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Process”, Nanoscale research letters, 10, 308, 2015

3. “Color Temperature Control of Quantum Dot White Light Emitting Diodes by Grafting Organic Fluorescent Molecules”, Journal of materials chemistry C, 2, 9800-9804, 2014

4. “CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dot Thin Film Formation by an Electrospray Deposition Process for Light-Emitting Devices”, Small, 10, 4142-4146, 2014

5. “Toward fully flexible multilayer moisture-barriers for organic light-emitting diodes”, Journal of applied physics, 114, 143505-1, 2013

6. “Polymer and Small Molecule Mixture for Organic Hole Transport Layers in Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 5, 12369-12374, 2013

7. “Water permeation through organic?inorganic multilayer thin films”, Thin Soild Films, 520, 6690-6694, 2012

8. “Tunable photoluminescence of graphene oxide from near-ultraviolet to blue”, Materials Letters, 74, 71-73, 2012

9. “Investigation of charge-transfer complexes formation between photoluminescent graphene oxide and organic molecules”, Nanoscale, 4, 405-407, 2011

10. “Selective Metal Transfer and its Application to Patterned Multicolor Organic Light-Emitting Diodes”, Advanced Materials, 23, 1651-1654, 2011

Professional Experience

Applied Materials, Senior Process Engineer (2000-2004)