KIM, Byung Woo (김병우)

Professor of Chemical Engineering


Research Areas

BioSurface Engineering

Research Interests

New building syndrome has been recent indoor health problem due to endocrine disruptors, formaldehyde, VOC compounds including BTX. To reduce these pollutants , biodegradable PLA film doped with Fe2O3 as well as sensitizer has been developed with fuse bio-nano technologies.

Tumor cell releases ultra-low level biomarkers in a blood stream. Conventional radioimmunoassay technology used in a hospital requires tedious and expensive procedure with a license in radioisotope treatment. In our biochip composed of functionalized AAO (Anodized Aluminum Oxide), 1˜4 ng/mL PSA(prostate cancer) can be easily and promptly determined with the computer analysis of variation of light refraction, called as blue shift of fringe pattern in an interferometry.

Selected Publications

1. SH Lim, M Yamaguchi, O Nishimura, Y Mie, T Tamura, BW Kim, and M Suzuki, J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 9, 7318-7323, 2009

2. Lee, L.Pan, BW Kim, J Chem Eng of Japan 43(5), 459-466, 2010

3. MS Kim, D Jung, J Kim, BW Kim, J. Hazardous Materials, 190(20) 537-543, 2011

4. S Hong, MS Kim, J Materials Sci, 47: 403-411, 2011

5. PL Truong, BW Kim, SJ Sim, Lab on a Chip 12, 1102-1109, 2012

Professional Experience

공과대학 학장(2010-2012), 화학공학부 교수 (1994-현재)
국토해양부 바이오나노 융합재료 연구단 단장(2008-현재)
한국원자력연구원 선임연구원 (1981-1994)
미국환경연구소(ERL-ATDL, TN)(1982-1983)
독일 Karlsruhe대학/KfK 연구소 (1987-1988, 1990-1991)