KIM Dukjoon | 김덕준

Professor of Chemical Engineering

제2공학관25동 4층 25401호실

Research Areas

Polymer Physics & Application

Research Interests

Hydrocarbon type polymer electrolyte membranes are developed as replacements for Nafion in fuel cell. The membranes can be prepared in homo, copolymer, polymer blend, or composite forms to investigate a variety of membrane characteristics such as water uptake, proton conductivity, methanol permeability, and thermal and mechanical strength. For lithium, secondary battery, solid polymeric electrolytes are developed as replacements for liquid electrolytes that possess safety problems associated with undesirable explosion and flame during operation.

This study aims at the synthesis of nano scale self-aggregates to investigate their pH dependent phase transition, bio-active molecular imaging behaviors. The potential applications of the present self-assembled polymeric nano capsules include cancer cell targeting drug delivery system accomplished by enhanced permeation and retention (ERP), and MRI imaging probe.

Selected Publications


Astam K. Patra, Vipin Amoli, Anil K. Sinha, Dukjoon Kim*
Unusual Photoactive Water Oxidation Activity of Pt/PtOx Cocatalyst Decorated Crystalline alpha-Fe2O3 Nanostructures: Exposed Facets Dependent Reactivity
Chemcatchem, 2020, 12(8)

Yeonho Ahn, Dukjoon Kim*
Ultra-low vanadium ion permeable electrolyte membrane for vanadium redox flow battery by pore filling of PTFE substrate
Energy Storage Materials, 2020, 31

Vo Dinh Cong Tinh, Dukjoon Kim*
Enhancement of oxidative stability of PEM fuel cell by introduction of HO center dot radical scavenger in Nafion ionomer
Journal of Membrane Science, 2020, 613


Le Mong Anh, Dukjoon Kim*
Solid electrolyte membranes prepared from poly(arylene ether ketone)-g-polyimidazolium copolymer intergrated with ionic liquid for lithium secondary battery
Journal of Power Sources, 2019, 422

Duong Diem Tham, Dukjoon Kim*
C2 and N3 substituted imidazolium functionalized poly(arylene ether ketone) anion exchange membrane for water electrolysis with improved chemical stability
Journal of Membrane Science, 2019, 581

Kyuhyun Kang, Dukjoon Kim*
Toughened polymer electrolyte membranes composed of sulfonated poly (arylene ether ketone) block copolymer and organosiloxane network for fuel cell
Solid State Ionics, 2019, 335


Sungwoo Yang, Dukjoon Kim*
Antioxidant proton conductive toughening agent for the hydrocarbon based proton exchange polymer membrane for enhanced cell performance and durability in fuel cell
Journal of Power Sources, 2018, 393

Le Mong Anh, Dukjoon Kim*
Alkaline anion exchange membrane from poly(arylene ether ketone)-g-polyimidazolium copolymer for enhanced hydroxide ion conductivity and thermal, mechanical, and hydrolytic stability
Electrochimica Acta, 2018, 290

Yongman Park, Dukjoon Kim*
Chemical stability enhancement of Nafion membrane by impregnation of a novel organic •OH radical scavenger, 3,4-dihydroxy-cinnamic acid
Journal of Membrane Science, 2018, 586


Astam K. Patra, Dukjoon Kim*
Smart Design of Self-Assembled Mesoporousalpha-FeOOH Nanoparticles: High-Surface-Area Sorbent for Hg2+ from Wastewater
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2017, 5(2)

Sunhee Yang, Yeonho Ahn, Dukjoon Kim*
Poly(arylene ether ketone) proton exchange membranes grafted with long aliphatic pendant sulfonated groups for vanadium redox flow batteries
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017, 5(5)

Sooyoun Lim, Nguyen Minh Phuong, Youngjin Choi, Jaeyun Kim, Dukjoon Kim*
Bioadhesive Nanoaggregates Based on Polyaspartamide-g-C18/DOPA for Wound Healing

Professional Experience

방문교수 (Purdue University (2001~2002) , GIT(2008~2009)
연구원 (Lehigh University, 1993~1994)