KIM Ji-Heung | 김지흥

Professor of Chemical Engineering

제2공학관25동 4층 25411호실

Research Areas

Polymer Material & Synthesis (PMS)

Research Interests

PMS Laboratory focuses on the development of novel functional polymers and hydrogel materials: based on the background discipline of polymer synthesis and materials characterization. Our recent research interests are in the material development of bio-inspired biocompatible synthetic poly(amino acid)s containing various functional groups and the related crosslinked gels. Application areas include biodegradable environment-friendly superabsorbent, adhesive polymer and soft gel, double network hydrogel, metal-ion coordinated gel, antibacterial and self-healing soft gel, and hybrid gel materials with other natural polymers, graphene, or inorganic nanoparticles, and the cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

MUSSEL INSPIRED ADHESIVE POLYMER AND SELF-HEALING SOFT GEL BASED ON POLYASPARTAMIDES CONTAINING CATECHOL & IMIDAZOLE PENDANTS VIA METAL COORDINATION Inspired by the MAPs (mussel adhesive proteins), we have synthesized a series of polyaspartamides containing catechol pendants together with other interactive functional groups such as amine, hydroxyl and imidazole. These novel biocompatible polymer and gels have potential to be used in many technological fields including bioadhesive, surface coatings of biomaterials, silver nanoparticle generation, self-healing supramolecular gels by metal (Fe, Ni or Cu-) coordination binding, antibacterial soft gel, and stimuli-responsive (pH, temp) polymer & gel for novel biomedical applications, etc.

Supramolecular assembly is an effective method to fabricate diverse functional materials, which have many useful properties such as shape memory, adhesive, self-healing, stimuli-responsive property, etc. Tannic acid can bring high density of pyrogallol functional groups for polymers by non-covalent bonding (hydrogen-bond, ionic interaction and van der Waals force) as well as unique biological properties in system. We synthesized biocompatible and adhesive coagulate or gels by supramolecular assembly between several biocompatible polymers and natural polyphenolic compounds to identify novel hybrid materials with specific functions.

Selected Publications

1. BN Tran, QT Bui, Y-S Jeon, HS Park, J-H Kim, Polym. Bull. (2015) 72, 2605.

2. B Wang, Y-S Jeon, HS Park, YJ Kim, J-H Kim, eXPRESS Polym. Lett. (2015) 9, 799.

3. J-H Seo, SJ Park, SH Um, SW Nam, YJ Kim, J-H Kim, J. Polym. Environ. (2015) 23, 90.

4. S-B Heo, Y-S Jeon, SI Kim, SH Kim, J-H Kim, Macromol. Res. (2014) 22, 203.

5. NT Huynh, Y-S Jeon, D Kim, J-H Kim, Polymer (2013) 54, 1341.

Professional Experience

방문 교수: 2005 퀸즈랜드대학 (호주) / 1997 동경이과대학 (일본)
박사후 연구원: 1991 UMASS,Amherst (미국)
연구원: 1983-1986 한국과학기술연구원 KIST