KIM Jin Hwan | 김진환

Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering

제2공학관25동 5층 25507호실

Research Areas

Polymer for Electronics

Research Interests

A great deal of effort has been made to develop environmentally friendly flame retardants (FRs), which can replace halogen compounds . Phosphorus-based flame retardants are gaining attention as a nonhalogen-based flame-retardant system to resolve the environmental issues. Recently, another type of aromatic polyester, poly (1,4-cyclohexylene dimethylene terephthalate) (PCT), has received much attention as an engineering plastic having higher heat resistance and hydrothermal stability than PET and PBT. In the present work, we investigated the pyrolysis and fire behaviors of PCT by employing FRs. We showed technology of PCT resin composition with high color-resistance and heat-resistance comprising a nonhalogen FRs and a non-halogen FRs aid.

Thermal management is one of key technologies required to develop high end electric and electronic products. High thermal conductivity is quite demanding in order to ensure product reliability in semiconductors, electronics packaging, and thermal interface materials. One of the feasible practical methods to achieve high thermal conductivity along with good processability is to combine inorganic filler particles with a polymeric binder and construct a robust composite. The thermal conductivity of inorganic material primarily falls in 30-500 W/m K. On the other hand, the thermal conductivities of polymers are extremely low compared to those of inorganic fillers: normally 0.1-0.5 W/m K is found for the thermal conductivities of polymers. Therefore, it is essential to develop a polymer material exhibiting high thermal conductivity for solving the thermal management issues.

Selected Publications

∙특허 보유: (2013년) 국내 등록 2건, 해외 출원 1건 (2014년) 국내 등록 1건
(2015년) 국내 등록 2건, 해외 출원 1건
∙주요 학술 논문 발표물
– W.J. Kim, D. Hoang, H. Vothi, C. Nguyen, T. Giang, H.Y. An, J.H. Kim, Macromol. Res., 24 (2016) 66-73.
– D. Hong, J.H. Kim, Macromol. Res., 23 (2015) 579-591.
– T. Giang, J.H. Kim, J. of Industrial and engineering chemistry, 30 (2015) 77-84.
– Y.J. Ko, H. Yoo, J.H. Kim, RSC Advances 4 (2014) 19229-19233.
– H. Vothi, S. Halm, C. Nguyen, I.H. Bae, J.H. Kim, Fire Mater., 38 (2014) 36-45.
– T. Giang, J.M. Park, I.H. Cho, Y.J. Ko, J.H. Kim, Polymer Composites, 34 (2013) 468-476.

Professional Experience

∙Post Doc. Univ. of Connecticut (1987-1988)
∙Researcher (SKChemical, 1988-1989)
∙Professor (Sungkyunkwan University, 1989~Present)
∙미국 스탠포드대 초빙교수, 미국 IBM Almaden 연구소 초빙연구원
∙성균관대학교 응용화학부 학부장
∙성균관대학교-제일모직 난연연구센터
∙성균관대학교 고분자기술연구소 소장