KOO Chong Min | 구종민


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Research Areas

2D Materials and Soft Matter Hybrid Materials

Research Interests

2D Materials (MXenes) & Soft Matter Hybrids

Surface Engineering of Soft Matters and Their Hybrids

Electronic Applications (EMI shielding, Stealth, Flexible electrodes, Heaters, Displays, and etc.)

Energy Storage Applications (Batteries and Supercapacitors)

Selected Publications

A. Iqbal, F. Shahzad, K. Hantanasirisakul, M. K. Kim, J. Kwon, J. Hong, H. Kim, D. Kim, Y. Gogotsi*, and C. M. Koo*, “Anomalous absorption of electromagnetic waves by 2D transition metal carbonitride Ti3CNTx (MXene)” Science 2020, 369, 446-450.

F. Shahzad, M. Alhabeb, C. Hatter, B. Anansori, S. M. Hong, C. M. Koo*, and Y. Gogotsi*, “EMI shielding with 2D transition metal carbides MXenes”, Science 2016, 353, 2237-1140.

D. He, N. Zhang, A. Iqbal, Y. Ma, X. Lu, Z. A. Qiao, J. H. Yu, H. Xu, W. Wang, R. Zhao, X. Li, Z. Zhou, C. Jin, C. M. Koo*, C. Wang*, “Multispectral electromagnetic shielding using ultra-thin metal-metal oxide decorated hybrid nanofiber membrane”, Communications Materials 2021, 2, 1-9.

T. Yun, H. Kim, A. Iqbal, Y. S. Cho, G. S. Lee, M. K. Kim, S. J. Kim, D. Kim, Y. Gogotsi*, S. O. Kim* and C. M. Koo*, “Electromagnetic shielding of monolayer MXene assemblies”, Advanced Materials 2020, 32, 1906769.

F. Shahzad, A. Iqbal, H. Kim, C. M. Koo*, “2D transition metal carbides (MXenes): applications as an electrically conducting materials”, Advanced Materials 2020, 32, 2002159.

A. Iqbal, P. Sambyal, and C. M. Koo*, “2D MXenes for electromagnetic shielding: A review”, Advanced Functional Materials 2020, 30, 2000883.

S. Lee, E. H. Kim, S. Yu, H. Kim, C. Park, T. H. Park, H. Han, S. W. Lee, S. Baek, W. Jin, C. M. Koo*, and C. Park*, “Alternating-current MXene polymer light-emitting diodes”, Advanced Functional Materials 2020, 30, 2001224.

D. Kim, T. Y. Ko, H. Kim, G. H. Lee, S. Cho*, and C. M. Koo*, “Nonpolar dispersion of 2D Ti3C2Tx MXene flakes via simultaneous interfacial chemical grafting and phase transfer method”, ACS Nano 2019, 13, 13818-13828.

T. H. Park, S. Yu, M. Koo, H. Kim, E. H. Kim, J. E. Park, B. Ok, B. Kim, S. H. Noh, C. Park, E. Kim, C. M. Koo*, and C. Park*, “Shape-adaptable 2D titanium carbide (MXene) heater”, ACS Nano 2019, 13, 6835-6844.

S. Yu, H. Cho, J. Hong, H. Park, J. C. Jolly, H. S. Kang, J. H. Lee, J. Kim, S. H. Lee, A. S. Lee, S. M. Hong, C. Park, S. Yang*, and C. M. Koo*, “Shaping micro-clusters via inverse jamming and topographic close-packing of microbombs”, Nature Communications 2017, 8, 721.

J. H. Lee, K. S. Han*, J. S. Lee, A. S. Lee, S. K. Park, S. Y. Hong, J. C. lee, K. T. Mueller*, S. M. Hong, and C. M. Koo*, “Facilitated transport in smectic ordered ionic liquid crystals”, Advanced Materials 2016, 28, 9301-9307.

B. Kim, M. H. Kim, Y. D. Park, K. Min, J. Kim, S. M. Hong, S. O. Kim*, and C. M. Koo*, “Electric actuation of nanostructured thermoplastic elastomer gels with ultra large electrostriction coefficient“, Advanced Functional Materials 2011, 21, 3242-3249.

P. Kumar, F. Shahzad, S. Yu, S. M. Hong, Y. H. Kim, C. M. Koo*, “Large-area reduced graphene oxide thin film with excellent thermal conductivity and electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness”, Carbon 2015, 94, 494-500.

Chong Min Koo, Lifeng Wu, Lisa Lim, Mahesh Mahanthappa, Marc Hillmyer, Frank S. Bates*, “Microstructure and mechanical properties of semicrystalline-rubbery-semicrystalline triblock copolymers”, Macromolecules 2005, 38, 6090-6098.

Chong Min Koo, Sang Ouk Kim, In Jae Chung*, “Study on morphology evolution, orientational behavior and anisotropic phase formation of the highly filled polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites”, Macromolecules 2003, 36, 2748-2757.

Professional Experience

Professor, Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University (2022-present)

Center Heard, Tenured Fellow, Young Fellow, Principal Research Scientist, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (2007–2022)

Professor, University of Science and Technology (2010–2022)

Professor, KU-KIST Graduate School, Korea University (2017–2022)

Postdoctoral fellow, University of Minnesota (2003-2005)

Senior Research Scientist, LG Chemicals (2005-2007)

Visiting Scholar, Materials Sci. & Eng. Penn. State University (2011, 2013)

Visiting Scholar, Materials Sci. & Eng. Drexel University (2017-2018)