LEE Doo Sung | 이두성

Professor of Chemical Engineering

제1종합연구동 7층 81715호실

Research Areas

Polymer Nano Structure and Properties

Research Interests

Injectable stimuli-sensitive polymeric hydrogels have attracted considerable attention, because of their great potential in biomedical and pharmaceutical fields, such as drug and protein delivery, tissue engineering and wound healing. Our laboratory has developed variety of injectable hydrogels, which undergo a sol-to-gel phase transition in response to changing of pH and temperature. Drugs, proteins, or cells can be mixed easily with aqueous polymer solution having low viscosity, followed by injecting into the body at specific site, forming an in situ stable depot and releasing their therapeutic payloads in a controlled manner. We can tailor to control properties of hydrogels, including gel strength, viscosity, degradation rate, release behavior, therapeutic agents- hydrogel matrix interaction, etc. for different purposes.

Our group focuses on developing the pH-triggered targeting polymeric nanocarriers, which are based on titratable-polymers/ copolymers for theranostic applications. Taking advantage of acidic pathological tissues like extracellular tumor tissues and ischemic stroke area, our nanocarriers can deliver and release the theranostic agents to the targeted acidic zones after a stable journey in blood circulation. Various hydrophobic anticancer drugs (DOX, PTX, TAXOL, CPT, etc.), therapeutic macromolecules (DNA, SDF-1α, etc.), and inorganic imaging agents (Fe3O4, QDs, etc.) have been used to evaluate applicability of our DDS through a series of in vitro and in vivo experiments.

Selected Publications

1. Dong Hee Kim, Young Kyu Seo, Thavasyappan Thambi, Gyeong Joon Moon, Jung Pyo Son, Guangri Li, Jae Hyung Park, Jung Hee Lee, Hyeon Ho Kim, Doo Sung Lee, Oh Young Bang
“Enhancing neurogenesis and angiogenesis with target delivery of stromal cell derived factor-1α using a dual ionic pH-sensitive copolymer”, Biomaterials, 61, 115-125 (2015)

2. Quang Nam Bui, Yi Li, Moon-Sun Jang, Dai Phu Huynh, Jung Hee Lee, and Doo Sung Lee “Redox- and pH-sensitive polymeric micelles based on poly(β-amino ester)-grafted-disulfide methylene oxide poly(ethylene glycol) for anticancer drug delivery”, Macromolecules, 48(12), 4046-4054 (2015)

3. Narendra K. Singh, Quang Vinh Nguyen, Bong Sup Kim and Doo Sung Lee,”Nanostructure controlled sustain delivery of human growth hormone using injectable, biodegradable, pH / temperature responsive nanobiohybrid hydrogel”, Nanoscale, 7, 3043 – 3054 (2015)

4. Narendra K. Singh, Doo Sung Lee, “In situ gelling pH- and temperature-sensitive biodegradable block copolymer hydrogels for drug delivery”, Journal of Controlled Release, 193, 214-227 (2014)

5. Guanghui Gao, Sung Wan Kim, Doo Sung Lee “A Short Commentary on Stimuli-responsive Hydrogels for Drug Delivery” Journal of Controlled Release, 190, 40-41 (30th Anniversary Special Issue) (2014)

Professional Experience

성균관대학교 공과대학 학장(2005 – 2007)
진단/치료용 고분자소재 연구센터 센터장(ERC)(2010 – )
한국과학기술한림원 정회원(2011- )
한국고분자학회 회장(2013)