LEE Young Kwan | 이영관

Professor of Chemical Engineering

제2공학관25동 3층 25305B호실

Research Areas

Advanced Polymeric Material

Research Interests

In the development of high performance battery, we design various types of nanostructured electrodes (Si, Li, K, Mg for anodes and S and Se for cathodes), polymer electrolytes, polymer binders, and interlayers. Crosslinked polymer electrolytes are synthesized as a function of crosslink density and physical property. The polymer electrolyte can create a durable chain network, providing high electrolyte uptake, fast ion transfer, high ionic conductivity, safety and cycle-life of batteries. Multi-functional polymer binders are prepared based on the natural polymer and/or polymer composite with metal and carbon. The designed polymer binders provide the integrity of the morphology and structure, the active material utilization, and cycling stability of electrodes. The inserting an interlayer between the separator and cathode is considered as a highly effective approach to improve the electrochemical performance of Li-S batteries. Metal oxides or sulfides interlayers are tailored for inhibiting polysulfide dissolution and/or capture of the polysulfides on a surface where the sulfur-reduction can be reversed.

Electrochemical biosensors have found extensive applications in diverse industries. Electrochemical sensors usually composed of two basic components, a chemical recognition system and a physicochemical transducer to convert the chemical response into a signal. In order to achieve ultrasensitive electrochemical biosensors, nanostructured electrodes equipped with high electrical conductivity as well as high surface area are designed for improving the performance in terms of sensitivity, selectivity, and accuracy.

Selected Publications

1. Sang Ha Lee, Hyuck Lee, Mi Suk Cho, and Youngkwan Lee, Chem. Commun. 51 (2015) 3391-3394
2. Jiao Yang, Meng Lin, MiSuk Cho, and Youngkwan Lee, Microchim. Acta. 182 (2015) 1089-1094
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Professional Experience

성균관대 산학협력단 단장 (2007.2~2011.1)
성균관대 산학협력중심대학육성사업잔 단장 (2009.06~2012.05)
경기과학기술 진흥원 산학연지원센터장 (2012.03~2014.02)
성균관대 기획조정처장 (2015.01~현재)