YI Gi-Ra | 이기라

Professor of Chemical Engineering

제2공학관25동 4층 25433A호실

Research Areas

Soft Matter and Self-Assembly

Research Interests

We are mainly interested in colloidal superstructures which can be useful for structural colors, metamaterials, transistors, sensors, lithium-ion battery electrodes. Using such colloidal superstructures as templates, porous particles or films can be prepared, which have been implemented as separators or electrodes in lithium-ion battery, light scatterer for solar cells, substrates for colorimetric sensor or bioadhesives for biological tissues, solid electrolytes for lithium ion battery.

Colloidal Superstructures
Colloidal particles have been used for e-paper display, composite film for flexible display, strong light-scattering particles for display or cosmetic applications. They can also serve as a model system for atomic structures as well as building blocks for structured colloidal materials. We synthesize new colloidal particles by various colloidal physico-chemical methods and control the interaction between them by surface modification with responsive molecules like DNA. Thereby, we assemble them into colloidal superstructures including diamond-like photonic crystals and self-limited structures like biological protein fibers.

Porous Materials
Using colloidal particles or surfactants as templates, macro- or mesoporous materials could be prepared which is investigated as efficient host materials for drug delivery, catalyst or colorimetric sensor dye. Porous particles are also developed as new bioadhesives on hydrogels or biological tissues. Recently, ionic liquid (block co-) polmyers are synthesized and assembled into bicontinuous porous polymer films for solid electrolytes of lithium ion batteries.

Selected Publications

“Colloidal Diamond” Nature 585, 524-529 (2020).
“Reconfigurable self-assembly and kinetic control of multi-programmed DNA-coated particles” ACS Nano 14(4), 4595-4600 (2020).
“Transparent and UV-reflective Photonic Films and Supraballs of Hollow Silica Nanospheres” Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 37(4), 1900405 (2020).
“Colloidal fibers and rings by cooperative assembly” Nature Communications 10, 3936 (2019).
“Solution-Processable Photonic Inks of Mie-Resonant Hollow Carbon-Silica Nanospheres” Small 15(23), 1900931 (2019) .
“Monodisperse Magnetic Silica Hexapods” Journal of the American Chemical Society 140, 9230-9235 (2018).
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“High-Density PEO-b-DNA Brushes on Polymer Particles for Colloidal Superstructures” Chemistry of Materials 27, 8337–8344 (2015).
“Ultrasmooth, highly spherical monocrystalline gold particles for precision plasmonics” ACS Nano 7(12), 11064- 11070 (2013).
“Shaping Colloids for Self-Assembly” Nature Communications 4, 1688 (2013).

Professional Experience

충북대학교 (2009-2012)
한국기초과학지원연구원 (2006-2009)
LG화학기술연구원 (2004-2006)
박사후 연구원 (University of California, Santa Barbara, 2003-2004)